Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Really Am Working Hard....

I have been getting stuff done....just not really any big quilts.  See, I found out that little man will be home in time for Christmas and so I really want his stocking to be finished.  I had cross stitched a stocking for my hubby and myself and little man needs one too!  So most all of my free time has been dedicated to this (and if I spend all my waking minutes on it there is hope it will get done!)  In the mean time I put together this little quilt. 
It was super simple and fast, just fabric cut into strips and sewn together.  The back is a super soft minkee (I learned I do not enjoy sewing with minkee, but it's softness makes it worth it!) I quilted 1/2 inch away on each side of the seam.  This quilt is smaller than a normal baby quilt, but it's good size for when he's a little bit bigger and can easily drag it around the house!  (Sorry, I don't remember the exact measurements!)   It's not my favorite thing that I've ever made, but it will make a good baby quilt.  It was so fast to make I might make a bunch can never have too many quilts around!

I have another quilt all sandwiched and ready to be quilted...hopefully this weekend!  And this week fabric for the nursery will arrive and I will have yet more things to get sewn by little man's arrival.  It's a good thing I have a November sew in coming up with my KMQG gals! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fabulous Fall Weekend

This weekend was yet another fabulous fall weekend.  I got to spend it with my family doing fall things...fall festival, farm and good food!  We are fortunate enough to have become friends with a great farming family.  During the fall there is a huge corn maze, hay rides, great food and lots of wonderful people all around.  Yesterday we spent our afternoon helping out with pumpkin sales and our evening was spent relaxing by a bonfire with smores and live music. 
We even spent some time outside the haunted house listening to the screams within. 

And as if that wasn't enough activity for one weekend, we spent today working on projects.  I spent some time at my machine and the hubby is working on the hardwood floors.  These wristlets are a lot bigger than they look.  They would fit all your daily necessities and then a little more!  Great for days you really don't feel like lugging a purse around.  They are both the same and so you can see the front and back here.

And now I'm spent!  I should be working around the house seeing as all kinds of family are going to be here for my baby shower next weekend....but that's just all going to have to wait!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Block of the Month Quilt

Here is my finished block of the month quilt from my month for my mod guild bee.
I chose a pinwheel block.  Unfortunately, it's been so long (my month was in March) that I can't remember where I found it or what it was called.  It was very simple using half square triangles.  It is probably one of my favorite quilts that I have made.   I used Jessica Levitt's Timber line.  I love the "tree" and nature theme.