Tuesday, November 23, 2010


*WARNING*  Not so great pictures taken with my iPhone inside!  It's dark by the time I am home from work so it's hard to get a picture with good lighting!

I took a short break from my cross-stitch stocking to get some other things made.
I used this great tutorial over at Film in the Fridge to make this pillow.  I used some of my precious AMH Innocent Crush to make it.  It will match my Innocent Crush quilt (that I have yet to start!).  The pillowcase was a priority since it is going to be the pillowcase I take to the hospital with me.  I figure a wonderful AMH pillowcase will help out while I'm there!
 I also got this months Guild Bee BOM finished:

Hopefully this long Thanksgiving weekend will give me some good quality sewing time.  (After the house gets cleaned, Thanksgiving dinner gets made, the Christmas tree goes up, and Christmas shopping is done)