Friday, February 26, 2010

Quilts for Kids

For lent this year I didn't want to give anything up. Everything I thought about giving up was something selfish...junk foods and coke and things I really love. Well, giving these up would really be a good thing (especially with boating season soon upon us!) So instead of giving up something I wanted to DO something. At my last Modern Quilt Guild meeting I learned of the Quilts for Kids Challenge. There it was...something I could do to help children, perfect! I signed up and my first kit came today. It is a wonderful program. Once you sign up you will receive a quilt kit. (I got mine in less than a week) The fabric is all super cute and precut to make a simple pattern. They supply everything except the batting. After it's all finished you mail it back. After it is returned they will send you a new kit!

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