Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pretty Colors

I had a couple of quilts to make for a costumer with quilt tops that her grandmother made.  The two tops were identical.  I decided to make one more simple and the other stippled giving it a more busy look.  For the back of one I used the cream dots from Sandy Gervais Frolic line.  On that one I just straight line quilted and used a solid yellow binding.

For the second quilt I flip-flopped the binding and backing from the first.  So the quilts look completely different, but they still coordinate!

Again, sorry for the yuck pictures.  Not only are they cell phone pictures, but I also forgot to take pictures of the quilts before I folded them up and added the bow for delivery.  So I used my phone really fast and tried to get some pictures before I gave them to their new owner!

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Stephanie *SP Diva* said...

Wow! Great quilts and such different looks! Great job, girl!

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