Tuesday, January 11, 2011

...I Need Help...

I am making a large quilt hanging for my living room.  It's the Two Left Feet pattern by Boo Davis (I'll try to get a picture of it soon).  I am making it in Kona Solids.  The majority of the quilt will be a cream neutral (Kona Eggshell) and the rest is a twisty design, almost like a Celtic knot.  There will be three colors to make up the knot.  One color will be Kona Brown.  I think the second will be an aqua color (Kona Caribbean).  Now the third color....I can't decide if I want Lavender, Chartreuse or Orange.  What do you think?


smarti said...

I like the green. It's kinda fun and "pops" more.

Kristen said...

Thanks...I was leaning towards the green but that orange was stuck in my mind. Plus my kitchen has green walls so they will tie together.

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