Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little thrifting and a little fabric

Off to the thrift stores I went today armed with creative thoughts, treasure hunting eyes, a really adorable baby and a good friend.  Most things were overpriced.  $15 for ugly used picture frames...no thanks!  My wall of squares will just have to wait!  But after searching two stores I found a treasure.  I LOVE Longaberger stuff, always have.  I found this old blue soup and salad bowl for $0.50!  I don't really have much of the blue but come on, could you pass it up for $0.50?  I think not!

I think the puppy though he got a new dish...sorry puppy!

 I also love Amy Butler fabrics, like a lot!  I usually hoard them and not use them.  But I must say when I first saw Soul Blossoms I wasn't that crazy about the line.  Yeah, that was until I got some...I love this line. 

So excited for my new fabric...and I already have plans for most of it.  I will cut into this fabric and make something, I promise.  Now if only I can find the time...that should be easy...right?!

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Megan said...

What a great find! Can't pass up something for only 50 cents :) And those fabrics are so yummy!

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