Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL Week 2

I made 4 blocks this week.  (yay!)   I'm getting a little worried about the scrappy-ness of these blocks.  I hope that in the end they will all flow together.  Since I'm using fabrics from my stash so pieces will pop up in multiple blocks and I'm using the colors in the book as a guide I should be ok...I hope!  Total scrappy is difficult for me so I guess this is the main challenge of this quilt.

Now onto this weeks blocks...
Block 3: Basket...I still have to put the handle on the basket so I will have to update this later!
 Block 4: Basket Weave

Block 5: Bat Wing
 Block 6: Big Dipper


CityHouseStudio said...

Lovely blocks!
It's been fun seeing these blocks pop up on blogs . . . so yesterday I broke down and ordered the book. I'll be joining you as soon as it arrives in the mail! :-)

Julie Martin said...

Finally getting back to reading your blog after too-long a hiatus! Love these blocks! Have had multiple people ask about your quilts, bags, etc---you could be rollin' in the dough, lady! :)

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