Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FWQAL Week 7

We made it to week 7!  And more remarkable, I have been on track for 7 weeks!!  

 Block 15: Buzzard's Roost
I continued with going with the colors in the book.  This block is very dark for me, and I don't really like it with all my others, although it does make block 5 (bat wing) fit a little better.  I'll continue on, but this is one of those that might get remade.  I don't mind that though, this was my favorite block to make so far! 
Block 16: Calico Puzzle
Such a fitting name....I do not like this block one bit!  The fabrics I like.  Especially those little strawberries.  It is one of my favorite Japanese prints that I have.  Makes me sad that I don't like this block.  It was a pain for me to make!  First it was a little small, so I redid one of the rows.  After that I noticed that one of the HST was upside down.  I fixed it 4 times, each time sewing it the was it was and not fixing it.  Ugh!  I would like it to be a little straighter, but I am NOT redoing this one!  Funny that it should have been so easy yet made me so mad!

16 done!
95 to go!

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Christine said...

Your blocks are coming out really nice! It going yo be fun seeing them all done and put together!

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