Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Gift For a Good Friend

I made this mug rug for a good friend of mine and my co-teacher.  When drawing with the kids we would often draw the same two scenes....the beach or a little nature/garden scene.  I was originally going to make a beach for her, but when I was going through my scrap basket some of my fabrics were just screaming tree.  So I spent some time playing around and came up with this. 

I quilted spikes of grass, swirly "leaves" in the tree, some detail on the bird and lines of "bark" on the tree.  I pieced it together with raw edge applique and I quilted her name in the corner.  For one of my first adventures in applique I think it turned out pretty good.  The picture doesn't do much for it though!  I think I will make more of the little art mug rugs.  It was quick and fun to do!

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Diane said...

This is darling! I am sure she will love it and it will always be a sunny day for her mug in the dreary winter days ahead.

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