Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've Lost My Mind

I'm crazy!  I have, for some crazy reason, decided to make a scrapy charm hexagon quilt...only a year after I decided I wanted to make one.  Oh, it doesn't sound too crazy.  Well what if I told you I want to make said quilt with 1 inch hexagons.  Still doesn't sound crazy?  In order to make a worth while throw sized quilt I need to make 1,173 1 inch hexagons.  Yipes!  And for some reason,  I think I can do it!  What a great way to use up my scrap bin.  Although I have one teeny, tiny, problem.  I don't have enough scraps.  I just need like a 2 1/2 inch square to make a hexagon.  If anyone has any 2 1/2 inch squares of scrap fabric they don't want let me know....maybe we can work something out?!  In the meantime my hands better get to work...lots of hexagons to get made if I want to see this quilt in the next five years!


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow, you are so ambitious...but you know what, it's going to be so worth it!! I can definitely help you out with the scraps!!

Shannon said...

Oh, I admire your particular brand of craziness! I'll enjoy following your progress. I've always wanted to try this, but worry about all the hand work. Maybe you'll inspire me to be brave.

CityHouseStudio said...

Oh, I love hexagons! You are ambitious, not crazy!
I'll have to look through scraps and let you know - any colors you'd like?
I was thinking about hexagons, too, that they would make a good "grab and go" type of summer project - say for sitting at the park, watching a T-ball game, etc!

Stephanie *SP Diva* said...

Oh My! Wow--I am impressed, because I will probably never do a hexagon quilt, since I don't so hand-sewing. I'll live through you! I might have a few scraps you can have. I'll bring them with me, next time I see you!

saraink said...

Oh wow! I like crazy! Looking good!

Brenda said...

Beautiful--they look like candy! My hexigons are ginormous in comparison, but I am 46 and would like to finish in my lifetime. My hexi flowers are 9.5 inches, so each hex is around 3 inches, is that too big? I started last week and have only made 3 so far.

fifi said...

I have a zip lock bag of fabric scraps for you. I will bring the our next meeting in May.
See you then.

Jodi-JoJoMia's Place said...

Hi! I am also doing a hexagon quilt, scrappy but I am doing flowers with random colors between. You can see it on my blog.
I have lots of squares cut and I would love to trade some with you if you want to. Just let me know if you want to and what you need/want!

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