Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lucky Me

Yesterday there was a sew in and meeting with my wonderful MQG gals. We had a lot to do yesterday...I spent this past month creating bylaws and membership packets with what we are and a survey.  We were small with the original core group for the whole first year and we just started growing.  With that growing we needed some organization!  With the help of my wonderful secretary, VP and founder they looked and sounded wonderful!  (Thanks for the folders Emily!) 

I didn't feel like I got much done.  However, I did get a quilt half finished.  I hope to get the other half done this week and then I'll share it with you!

 Also, one of the members made me a wonderful Baby on the Go quilt, as she calls it. Stephanie knows my love for owls and this baby quilt is perfect.  Thanks Stephanie!


fifi said...

A beautiful quilt from Stephanie and it was a really great sew in day. You guys were awesome with the bylaws, surveys and folders. It was a great day for me too.

CityHouseStudio said...

So cute, Kristen!
Love the owls!

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