Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some Small Finishes

Well, I still have three quilt tops, 2 are basted and ready to where's that time to get them done?  Since I had these bigger projects looming I wanted some fast finishes.  So I made some things that I had wanted to make and filed away for a rainy day!

 First is a selvage mug rug.  I save all my selvage's and a mug rug seemed like a perfect opportunity to use a few!

Next, I finally got around to making myself a camera strap cover.  We got this camera as a Christmas gift and I was so excited to make a cute cover for it.  I made one for my mother in law for her birthday but never made one for myself.  It's one of those projects you have to just sit down and do.  You can't plan to make one or it will never get done!  I love it!  It is just what my camera needed.  I keep wondering why I took so long to do it!

I'm linking up these small finishes....even though they aren't much!

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CityHouseStudio said...

So cute, Kristen!
A camera strap cover has been on my list forever, and I love yours! Maybe it's the inspiration I need!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Awesome camera strap!! I want one!!

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