Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome Home

Sorry for the lack of creativity around here!  In the past month I had two (!) beach vacations with family.  So I've been a busy beach bum.  It was so wonderful to spend time with my dad and sister.  They live across the country from me and I never see them.  It's even harder with a new baby that they never see.  But I'm home   now and it's back to reality, and a lot more sewing!  I have a lot on my to do list and I'm really missing my  machine, so I'm thinking it's going to be a very productive week.  That and it's going to be too hot to be outside with the little man or rainy.  I'm actually looking forward to some rainy days, making me feel less bad about being inside sewing!  

I did have some exciting mail when I got home!  Look at all the wonderfulness that came to me!

 Some scraps from a fellow guild member, love that Tufted Tweets!  Thanks Lori!

Amanda, one of my twitter friends, sent me this great set of squares.  She even included some candy, with pink starburst, my fav!  Thanks Amanda!
 And then I was in a swap on Flickr with 6 others.  Look at all the great goodies I got!  

This one came from Norway!  You can't tell but the long strip has these cute dutch people on it.  Love!
 This came from Bek who lives in Australia.  She added some ribbons and buttons too.  She sent some fabulous bright wonderful fabrics!
 Chloeandme sent this great package.  Look at those teeny tiny hexagons!
 And she included this key chain.  I couldn't imagine putting it on my keys getting dirty.  So I decided it would make a perfect sewing machine charm!  Thank you so much!!!
I still have quite a few packages to come (and I have to get to the post office to mail mine out!)   So excited about all the different squares for my hexagon quilt!  I love all the different fabrics from all around the world.

Thanks for letting me give these little shout outs!  Now back to my regular blogging!

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Exciting mail indeed.

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